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Bryony Sier is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Wales. Still only in her early twenties, the soulful power and maturity of Bryony's voice has already caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the music industry. Over recent years she has performed as a support act for American folk legends Molly Tuttle and Rachel Baiman, and she has worked with producers and songwriters like Charlie Francis (High Llamas, R.E.M.), Amy Wadge (Lewis Watson, Ed Sheeran) and Rick Wakeman. 

Bryony has also played regularly on regional and national radio (e.g. for Bethan Elfyn, BBC Radio 1) and she has performed everywhere from Swn Festival and HUB festival to Between the Trees and Tadstock Festival (Oxford). Her unique sound/vibe draws upon a wide variety of influences but is shaped especially by her love of American folk, blues, soul, gospel and country music. Bryony is currently working on a new EP which is due to be released in the Autumn. 



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James Lee (Norbu Media) 

Tel: +44 7510 138879


An absolute honour to talk to the brilliant and ridiculously talented @BryonySierMusic tonight, her songs are so beautiful and emotional, a future superstar.

Andrew Cross BRFM Radio

Tonight I saw someone special perform. Sublime. With just her guitar, her voice & her stories, @BryonySierMusic blew me away... she also wore a cool hat, which is always a sketch bonus.

Sion Tomos Owen 

Bryony's EP is epic and so is she. She's a legend for talking openly about the importance of #mentalhealth. Brilliant night. 


Bryony's song was one of the first songs I listened to during the judging process and was on my shortlist straight away. The deep, bluesy tones of the guitar mixed with her delicate vocals caught my attention from the get go.


Shannon Dyer, Newport City Radio

Wow! Incredible opening to the show tonight - Bryony Sier armed with just her guitar and a beautiful voice.


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